About Us

Our Story

The service industry is a complex system.What if we can standardise service and create an experience that will delight customers and empower service providers?

That is our mission at RUMA Services.

Why we are different?

We exist to help the service industry deliver exceptional customer service experiences.We exist to aggregate fragmented services with limited price transparency, wild variations in quality standards and limited real-time delivery.

We seamlessly connect customers to service providers and offer them an exciting new world of lifestyle convenience through our mobile apps.We know that all a customer needs in a service or product is responsiveness, personalisation and adaptability.

Need an electrician, plumber, handy man, carpenter, painter, locksmith, home inspector, packers and movers, cleaning services, pest control services, towing services and a host of other services? Your search is over!

Get access to several service providers in one platform, request and schedule services you need at your convenience.

All You Have to Do!

In present days you should not spend a whole day or two searching online, in directories, yellow pages, making endless calls or driving around in order to find a service provider.

All you have to do on our platform is look and book.


Services are just a Click away.


Our Professionals/Technicians are certified and experienced to provide quality service.


It takes only 60 seconds to book a service.

For service providers, complement the capabilities of your website. The more opportunities you offer potential customers to reach you in addition to your website and the brick-and-mortar business, the better off your business will be. Be at the fingertips of customers at all times.

Come join our mission and help create a more connected service experience for customers and service providers.